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Company Formations

Ostrea Coporate Services provide professional company incorporation services for just £59.99. You can set-up a new Limited company in as little as 3 hours using our 4 steps online formation facility. What makes Ostrea Corporate Services different from other formation agents is the professional level support you will receive special when it comes to the formation of companies that wil be used as a holdingcompagny holding shares in foreign companies as for example dutch BV's, Belgium BVba's or Serian d.o.o.'s .

We have a range of four UK company formation packages starting from £59.99, all of which provide a fully registered company with a legal incorporation number.

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Registered Office Services

Every company must have a registered office at which official documents can be served (Companies Act 2006 section 86 and this address should be displayed on all business letterheads and order forms of the company (section 82 (1) and (2)).

The registered office address need not be the company's place of business and is often that of a professional or legal advisor or the address of a person who provides company services such as Ostrea Corporate Services Limited. Official documents such as documents from a court (e.g.: a writ or summons) can be served on a company at its registered office (section 139 (1) and (4)). Also official correspondence is usually sent to the registered office (e.g.: letters from the Inland Revenue or Companies House).

We will make available the following address to be used as the registered office of the company:

15 Alexandra Corniche
CT21 5RW

Web Filing

Ostrea Coporate Services is an approved Companies House e filing partner meaning that we provide professional company incorporation services and this matters of course including web-filing.

Company Restoration

We can restore a company that has been removed from the Register at Companies House. Once a company is dissolved it no longer legally exists. As a result the bank account becomes frozen: the assets become Bona Vacantia, (i.e. they pass to The Crown); leases, insurance policies, loan and finance agreements etc. may become invalid.

If you then need to recover assets from the company – or wish to continue trading – you need to have the company restored. This is where we can help.